Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 27, 2009

Body Posture

Basic Info:

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, feet parallel! Refer to my post on the kua and mingmen for the groin and lower back area. Relax the tummy. Arms hang looslely at the sides. I don’t like the ragdoll, unnatural look when people extend their arms away from their side, trying to accomodate the imagined orange in their armpits. Just let your arms hang loose. Relax the hands. The  four fingers together, thumb out. Relax the shoulders and slightly round the shoulder blades. Tuck the chin just a little bit to feel the slight stretch in the back of the neck. Imagine a string attached to the crown point of your head pulling up to the ceiling. There should be a sense of the spine opening just a bit. Any sense of forced stretching is not right. See either of my chi king videos on you tube to see a visual.


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