Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 25, 2009

Creative Visualization and Manifestation

One of my practices in meditation is creative visualization. “Live life as if you already are what you want to be” See yourself doing what you want to do in your mind. You will create for yourself the circumstances to get things done. In other words, you can visualize a bridge from now till doomsday, but it won’t just appear. But by visualizing it, by focusing on it, you will create the right tmosphere to give you the impetus to get it done. It will open your mind to the possibilities, and help you to recognize when the opportunities are right in front of you, and give you the courage to act, and the wisdom of when to act. You can manifest your own reality. You need to be clear as to what you want. Then go for it.

And attitude is everything. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Don’t be negative. Be positive. The power of positive thought is real. Yes, you do have to do your homework. I’ve worked very hard and practiced many years on my tai chi. I’ve explored and read and supplemented what I’ve learned in my classes.

So, go for it. See yourself living an authentic life in an authentic reality.

By the way, in tai chi, this is yi, or mind intent, a very important aspect of tai chi practice and execution. Your body goes where your mind tells it to, it does what your mind wants it to. Of course, you won’t be able to fly into the air and throw a roundhouse kick over someone’s head if you’ve never done it before, but, you get the idea. Your mind, working with your body, gets you where you want to go!


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