Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 25, 2009

Contemplation; wuji; yin yang

My tai chi life is a life of contemplation. I haven’t moved to a cave or a monastery, but my apartment does have a sort hermitage quality to it! What am I contemplating? The nature of things. Live simply. Be close to nature. Have a good heart. Show compassion and love. Be innocent, gentle, spontaneous and joyful. The taoist matrix is that everything comes from wuju, the void, stillness. Out of wuji come the yin and yang, and the interplay of these two create the eight things, and the eight things vreate the 64 things(take a look at the standard taoist text the i ching–the book of changes) and out of that come the 10,000 things. Life is change. You need to go with the flow. You can tap into the source. And you can recognize, in your contemplation, that you are it! You are creation, you are the tao, you are it! So, if you want to see the mysteries of the universe, if you want the answer to the meaning of life, look in the mirror!

So, just some thoughts on the contemplative life.


  1. amazing…pretty much as my philosophy of life 🙂

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