Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 24, 2009

The “Chi” Debate

Ok, so I guess I should weigh in on the raging chi debate. Is it real? The best I can do is say that primarily chi is a process. It is precision movement and precision execution. When you perform a martial art move perfectly, the tai chi way, for example, drawing your opponent into a void and then easily toppling him, this is an example of chi. It’s the physics of it.

However!, I do intuitively believe that all things are infused with a life energy and that it can be corrupted, for example by pollutiion, or developed, say, through the practice of meditation, tai chi, chi kung, mind power, thought visualization.

Can we heal ourselves and others with chi? Can we perform miraculous martial feats with chi? Intuitively, I believe we can, I just haven’t see too much of it. There’s so much to this that we are not aware of yet, that we can’t see. So, the good news is, you don’ have to worry about it too much. If you spend your whole life trying to levitate or send mind messages, maybe you’ll miss the bigger picture.(Although maybe you’ll be successful and really blow everybody away). In the meantime, hjust do tai chi, and let the rest arrange itself and take care of itself.


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