Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 24, 2009

Learning Tai Chi is like learning to play the piano

 …or any musical instrument. First you learn the notes, then you learn some chords, then you learn to play some simple songs. The, after a while, if you practice, you can play some pretty hard songs, and in a few years you can play them really well. At what point can you write your own songs an play some jazz or blues or compose your own symphony? So, learn the form, the long forms have 108 moves tied together. If they flow into one another, it’s like it is just one move. Then, when you are really good, you can create your own tai chi, especially if you end up in a sparring situation or a self defense situation, then it’s all spontaneity, adaptability, and going with the flow, like a good rock and roll guitare riff!



  1. Hi Mike. I’ve been around the block in regards to martial arts, but I’m mostly focusing on zhan zhuang and the chen practical method right now. You can read more regarding my history on my about me page 😉

    • Hey. I checked your site today. Very cool. It’s excellent to have such a varied backgreound. I started late in life so tai chi was the perfect fit for me.Thanks for keping in touch.

  2. thanks man, all martial arts are good. after many years you get to the same place, so keep practicing. What style do you do?

  3. I like the music approach, though for me, I tend to use the alphabet => words => sentences approach to learning martial arts.

    Cool site and welcome to the taiji blogosphere 😉

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