Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 23, 2009

Collective Unconscious/Universal Mind of God

When practicing tai chi in it’s fullness, forms, chi kung, sitting meditation, we get glimpses of the numenous, a Carl Jung word for the divine. It becomes palpable, in the palms of the hands, energy, chi, in the core of your being. In tai chi, you listen, and you become aware of the connection to the source of things. So, in our contemplative practice, we look for experiences of being able to tap into the collective unconscious, tap into the wellspring of the Universal Mind of God–using this term fully aware of it’s ineffable quality–and we get hints that it is, that it exists, we have anecdotal moments, maybe they would be called mini enlightenments, in which we know it to be true. It is an intuitive sense of the sacredness and holiness of life. Many times, I feel that the answers to all the universal questions can be explained in a tai chi movement–what is the meaning of life? It is this, sit in your stance, circle the hands up, and spiral them into position and there it is. Of course, I can’t explain this because it is an experience that cannot be explained! Ha!


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