Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 21, 2009

The Dan tien

In addition to the centerline, we focus on the dan tien, the energy source in our body located about two to three inches below the naval, in the middle of your body, like a sphere. Breathe in and out from there, transforming “jing” into chi. jing are the normal essences, air, food, water, tea, our body’s hormones, that mediation, chi kung, and tai chi “alchemize” into chi, and these practices also foster the free flow of chi throughout the body making us strong and healthy.

So, as an exercise, put a loose fist in front of your tummy, below the navel, and keep your fist glued there, then, move your fist around the room, but of course, you’re attached to it, so you are moving with the fist. Once you are used to that, visualize the spherical ball inside of you and move that around and of course you have to follow it.


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