Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 20, 2009

My Tai Chi Life

Just a first entry to get the ball rolling. It’s a way of life, this tai chi thing. Not for everyone, but it can be. It’s a connection to that thing, that spark, that divine thing we know we are connected to. So, learn the moves, sink, and enjoy it. Go for the ride. Let go and experience it. Soft, but alive, like you’re plugged in, you can feel the electricity running through your body.

My tai chi life includes sitting in silent meditation, doing chi kung for health and wellness, doing wu and yang style forms, and then exploring the forms and the moves, going deeper and beyond because you discover something new each time; well maybe not each time, but often enough to keep you coming back.

So, first words of wisdom? Um, learn the form and check it against all the stuff that’s out there. When I first saw Master Shum perform Wu style, I almost cried because it was the way I envisioned it in my head.

Ok, tai chi is like building a table. Start with wood and put the thing together. This is learning the moves. Then sand it down and round out the rough edges. This is practice and correction. Then add stain and shellac. This is exploring and discovery.

So, I’ll try to set up categories on like stance and the moves and how to do things, and try to post up some videos, and then blog away on tai chi.



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