Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 20, 2009

Gong fu and Wu Wei

Two beautiful concepts. Gong fu refers to having good skills at something. So, a chef has good cooking gong fu, etc.etc. So, develop good gong fu, knowing what to do, developing that intuitive power to do the right thing in a situation without thinking. Which, pretty much is Wu Wei, the art or act of non-doing. It doesn’t really mean not doing anything. It means being so good at what you do, having such good gong fu, that you can act without thinking. So, obviously, this takes a lot of practice. The most used example by me is Michael Jordan on the basketball court. When he was in the zone, he was art in motion, wu wei, not thinking. You just do, you adapt to the changes around you.

It also means not acting out of the ego, that is, out of jealousy, greed, anxiety, etc. If we react to situations in life from these negative emotions, we will not be wu wei. Act from wu wei, the right thing to do, the non action, the positive emotion, love, compassion, balance, equanimity.

Remember, though, you have to learn the box before you can think outside of it.


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